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crimnatic asked: Sure thing! I'm uploading your request as we speak! I've done the one for Gatekeeper, and I'm uploading the one for Blood Relations. And hey! I live in Shanghai right now (I'm not from here, but I live here currently)! Big love to you too! Thanks for the request, and I'll post it on tumblr whenever it's done! -Rachel

You’re so nice!!!I’m looking forward to watching the videos!!And have fun in shanghai!!:)

I think I’ve uploaded all of the (more) interesting DVD extras, but if you guys want me to upload anything else in particular, just drop me something in my ask box. Otherwise, all the stuff I’ve uploaded so far on to Youtube can be found here. I hope you guys have enjoyed them so far! 

Oh~please upload anything involve Reid/MGG,You’re sooooooooo great~btw,can you uoload the MGG directing ep commentary,907and 920??Please~~~

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congrats on ruining my life: BEN WHISHAW 

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do, and it would be abusing it just to make money. I don’t need lots of money, I’m not motivated by that. I would feel really dirty I think.

like this is it # this is fucking it # i am so done with his hair and his face and his human beingness because it’s ??? too??? much???? # what the fuck i mean no one shoul d be able to be like this noo one # welcoe ot my daily breakdown over tben whishaw enjoy ur stay 

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